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Fiona Jallings Jun 19, 2018 (00:36)

Here's a first-draft rendition of my recommendations for tattoo-seekers and tattoo-artists. Let me know if you spot errors or have any comments or suggestions for it!

Tamas Ferencz Jun 19, 2018 (13:18)

Hi Fiona,

some really minor comments coming as I am reading the text:
- "The first is writing English phonetically.": i might be good to explain what this mean, to total newcomers
- "like the inscription on the Lord of the Rings,": you might clarify that you're talking about a book cover
- "No Tengwar font uses a QWERTY keyboard.": I propose 'keyboard layout'
- add in a credit to the font designer of Annatar and Elfica?
- perhaps at the end a link to +Måns Björkman 's website and a reference to the book of +Matt Coombes, for those who might want to delve deeper? But perhaps this is out of scope of this guide.

It's a clearly written, good document!

As a side note: I generally don't like to apply the word "fan" to lovers/followers/students of Eldarin, but that's my pet peeve and I accept that that's the most common word used for this out there:)

Fiona Jallings Jun 19, 2018 (13:50)

+Tamas Ferencz Really good points, thank you for reading it carefully!

I am planning to make those references links to their pages. That way people can find and download the fonts with their documentation.

And yes, I can include the reference material, since acknowledging that we are part of a community is one of the major points I made.

Matt Coombes Jul 30, 2018 (04:24)

+Tamas Ferencz Many thanks for acknowledging my work! Been in touch with Fiona since, and swapped publications. She really has put a lot of effort into her work and wish her the best of luck.