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Lúthien Merilin Jun 09, 2017 (02:07)

+Paul Strack +Ekin Gören +Roman Rausch +Eryn Galen et al, I updated the eldamo relational DB project on Github:

Most work has gone into making the parse script more user-friendly: it now generates the whole set of sql files in one go (and pretty quick, too - in 20 seconds or so). I also did some minor changes, mostly the result of progressing insight. There are a few minor changes to the data model as well.
eldamo-relationaldb - a relational database-based version of the Eldamo project @

Lúthien Merilin Jun 17, 2017 (22:34)

Updated to v. 0.2.1: - aduial/eldamo-relationaldb
Now with SQL files that are actually useable :)

I also noticed one change in Paul's XML data model: in rule-start and rule-example, the 'to' attribute was changed to 'stage'.

+Paul Strack - would it be an idea to add a version number to the schema files ( & to indicate to which version of Eldamo they are updated?

I noticed that the xml version is more up-to-date than the other one ;)