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Andre Polykanine Jun 23, 2015 (01:21)

Mai omentaina illi,
I would like to ask what is the genitive of nouns ending in -oa, like coa or hroa. For me it's a complicated case because, for example, coa+o gives **coao, which is impossible. We know that nouns on -a lose this -a (cf. the famous "Vardo tellumar" in Namárië). So what do we have? **coo? **có?
Any ideas are highly appreciated.

James Coish Jun 23, 2015 (04:24)

I cannot remember whose theory it was (I think it was in VT47 or 48), but since the roots of coa and hroa are √CAWA and √SRAWA, the underlying stems would be cava- and hrava-. Therefore, the genitives would (or could) be cavó and hravó.