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Jenna Carpenter Jan 13, 2015 (15:23)

Today's random question - does anybody have any idea roughly how many attested Quenya words there? (To the nearest hundred/thousand/delete as applicable will do).

Tamas Ferencz Jan 13, 2015 (15:50)

Helge's Quettaparma has ~4500 paragraphs, so about the same number of entries; some of the entries contain several attested related forms (but not all of them); so I estimate there could be around 10,000 attested forms.
That's a rather mighty vocabulary, actually.

Jenna Carpenter Jan 13, 2015 (15:52)

Excellent, thank you. Considerably higher than any of the other constructed languages I'm looking at, which is what I suspected, but my own guess was somewhat closer to 5000 words, hence I asked.

Roman Rausch Jan 13, 2015 (16:31)

If you're interested in Sindarin as well, look here:

Jenna Carpenter Jan 13, 2015 (22:13)

Sindarin is the primary language I teach, I've just never touched Quenya :) but thank you

Jonathon Omahen Feb 06, 2015 (18:17)

It is certainly in the realm of 4k - 5k. I'm generally conservative about it, and put officially attested Tolkien Quenya at 4k.