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Björn Fromén Sep 14, 2014 (00:31)

A much-quoted distich by Schiller, recently translated into Sindarin on the Mellyn Lammath forum. I thought it might be worth a try in Quenya too.

Óma yo hrón i tecil nosta i úpahtea sanwen;
yénion or celume quétala parma coles.

Körper und Stimme leiht die Schrift dem stummen Gedanken;
durch der Jahrhunderte Strom trägt ihn das redende Blatt.

('Writing lends body and voice to mute thought;
the speaking page bears it through the centuries' stream.')

Tamas Ferencz Sep 17, 2014 (08:52)

Nicely evaded the translation of 'lend' +Björn Fromén ! :)