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Rubén Rodríguez Feb 12, 2015 (16:36)

Hello!! I'm trying to translate some names of my friends, and there are some that are giving me trouble, and I would like some help... :)

One is Bernard, which stands for 'as strong as a bear' would Tulcamorcon correct? (Tulca=strong, morco=bear, on=masculine name suffix)

Another is Maria or Mary, I can't find an accurate definition, it seems that Mary can mean 'the chosen one' or 'sea of bitterness' or 'the loved one', so for the first I went for Leptë (lepta=pick, ë=feminine name suffix)
the second one Eärarë (ëar=sea, sára=bitter, ë=fem. name suffix), and for the last one, just thought about Meldë, wich I believe is friend or lover in feminine.

Another name I don't have any clue is "Cinnamon"... it seems the elves didn't know this spice haha I believe there's no word in Quenya for that either...

Finally, how could you say "Maria de la Soledad" (Mary of the Loneliness) I couldn't find a word in Quenya for loneliness and've always had trouble with the preposition 'of'... 

And also, if you could give some advice on how to choose what masculine or feminine suffix to use... 

Rubén Rodríguez Feb 12, 2015 (16:43)

Forget about Loneliness... haha I just remembered Tol Eressëa which means Solitaire Island haha so I could use Eressëa for loneliness?? Now the thing is how to put together the name Maria + Loneliness in quenya... 

Tamas Ferencz Feb 12, 2015 (16:50)

Eressea is 'lonely', not 'loneliness'.

Have a look here:

I'm generally not very keen or good at translating names