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Tamas Ferencz Jun 06, 2016 (15:48)

One of the benefits of Parma Eldalamberon issue 22 is the information we got about verbal adjectives, the different adjectival endings and their meanings, and the attested examples which provide us with some very useful vocabulary, and show some interesting semantic associations (e.g himíte 'clinging' -> 'permanent').
So I have started on an exercise, to which I invite you to join in  -to add to, comment, dissect, condemn, whatever you feel like. In the linked Google Sheet I started to collect Quenya verbs and their attested or conceivable adjectival derivations (plus the frequentative form), to see how many useful words we can come up with. I do not mean to provide a full derivation for each and every verb, just the forms that make sense and may contribute to our vocabulary.
Please have a look, and as I said, feel free to add to it, edit it, or comment here.
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Quenya verbal adjectives and other derived forms
Sheet1 Root, Verb, astea/ area/ alea, ima/ lima, íte/ éte/ aite/ oite/ maite, ula, ea, na/ ina, nwa, frequentative AT, double, again, twice, aquet-, answer,* aquetastea,* responsible ATH, ease, comfort, heal, asya-, ease, assist, comfort,* asaite,* comfortable,* asula,* apt to help, helpful ...