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Tamas Ferencz Dec 23, 2012 (10:46)

Nán lasse súrisse. Á tire ni vilie.

Fiona Jallings Dec 24, 2012 (01:57)

Someone's a fan of Firefly, I see.

Tamas Ferencz Dec 24, 2012 (10:49)


Ицхак Пензев Dec 26, 2012 (09:43)

I would rather use participle "vílala" here...

Tamas Ferencz Jul 01, 2014 (17:32)

+Ицхак Пензев
wouldn't a tire ni vílala mean 'watch me while you are flying_?

Ицхак Пензев Jul 02, 2014 (18:53)

You are, perhaps, right. Then I understand why Tolkien wanted another form. I mean a verse from Markirya: man cenuva lumbor ahosta. Thus, you could say smth like Tira ni avíla.

Tamas Ferencz Jul 03, 2014 (10:56)

+Ицхак Пензев
looking at Markirya again, I think you were in the right all along; it is quite clear from the second verse that the intended meaning is 'who shall heed ... the sea surging (ear falastala) etc.
So a tire ni vílala would indeed be 'watch me flying', and a tire ni vilie would rather be 'watch me [while you are] flying'.