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Tamas Ferencz Oct 27, 2015 (12:37)

Random LotR paragraph

A Journey in the Dark
It was evening, and the grey light was again waning fast, when they halted for the night. They were very weary. The mountains were veiled in deepening dusk, and the wind was cold. Gandalf spared them one more mouthful each of the miruvor of Rivendell. When they had eaten some food he called a council.
'We cannot, of course, go on again tonight,' he said. `The attack on the Redhorn Gate has tired us out, and we must rest here for a while.'
`And then where are we to go? ' asked Frodo.
'We still have our journey and our errand before us,' answered Gandalf. `We have no choice but to go on, or to return to Rivendell.'
Lenda morniesse
Undóme né, i míse kale ata sintane ansintie, í hautanente lómenna. Anyerne nente. *Núrantalya huine fantane i oronti, ar i súre ringa né. Olórin sante amba yulda Arkimbelo[1] miruvóreo illin. Í mantelyanente nótima[2] apsa, yáles yomenie.
‘Istalima[3], lá nai men etemene sina lómesse,’ eques. ‘ I *nakampa Andonna Karnerasse eyérie ve, ar mauya ven sere sisse tere lúme.’
‘Ta epetai, manna menuvalve?’ Maura maquente.
‘Lendalva yo mólelva tensi epe elve,’ Olórin aquente. ‘Lá ven exa kilme er etelelya, hya entule Arkimbelenna.’


*Núrantalya: "deepening", act. part. of causative verb *núranta-; or should that keep the sundóma and be *núrunta-? Cf. ninkwinta-
*nakampa: noun "attack" from *nakap- "leap on/onto"; cf. E assail, assault

[1] What is the nominative of Rivendell? PE22 gives the locative Arkimbelesse. Arkimbel? Arkimbele? Arkimbeles?
[2] PE22:155 glosses nótima (among others) as 'limited in number (weight or measure)', so I assume it can be used for uncountables? Colloquially?
[3] PE22:111 istalima "knowable, ascertainable", here used as 'of course, understandably, to be known'