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Tamas Ferencz Oct 10, 2018 (19:44)

There is hope after all that our data can be downloaded
How to download your Google+ data before it shuts down next year
Well, it finally happened. Google+ is officially being shut down. The ill-fated social network never really had mass adoption, but its core user base is certainly already pretty vocal about it goin…

Lokyt L. Oct 11, 2018 (00:17)

+Tamas Ferencz I'm afraid only you as a founder/owner of the community can download its content this way.

Tamas Ferencz Oct 11, 2018 (00:20)

+Lokyt L. And I will do it and make the download accessible somewhere

Leonard W. Oct 11, 2018 (18:23)

Great, I was afraid all of the awesome content here would be lost. Poetry and neologisms and such would be very welcome at Parf Edhellen (