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Matt Dinse Dec 27, 2014 (01:36)

Tengwar not in DTS:

After looking through more of my just-received Hammond/Scull's Art of the Hobbit (2011), I noticed a page with tengwar which I hadn't previously known of. Looking through Mellonath Daeron's DTS, I couldn't find it listed. It's picture 79 on page 114, with tengwar reading "Ezgaroth" "Esgaroth" "above Esgaroth upon the Long Lake" and "Smaug the magnificent king of the dragons of the North" in a 'full' mode.

Looking at MD's website, they note "If you know of any published script sample by Tolkien which is not in these indexes, please let us know," and have the reach-daeron email address. Is that the best way to contact MD, +Björn Fromén ?

Beregond, Anders Stenström Dec 27, 2014 (09:47)

The specimina in The Art of the Hobbit are on our todo-list. I think they are indeed mostly done and should appear in the list in the not too far future.

Beregond, Anders Stenström Dec 27, 2014 (10:07)

And yes, the reach-daeron address will indeed reach all the guild members.

Matt Dinse Dec 27, 2014 (23:41)

Thanks Beregond - just what I wanted to know!