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James Coish Oct 16, 2017 (22:33)

Following Tamas's post from earlier I made up this list of pronouns

ma? what? (interrogative pronoun)
man? who?
mana? what? (adj.)
mó? whose, what's? (originating) from who/what?
más, masse? where?
malo, mallo? whence, from where?
mar, mara, manna? whither, to where?
manen? how?
manan? why?
malca? how great, how big?
manima? what kind?
malume? in what time, when?
manome? in what place, where?
malle? in what way, like what?
mama? what matter?
mamo? what person?
maite? of what sort?
manóte? of what number, how many?

si this (demonstrative pronoun, near)
sí now
sina this (adj.)
sio (originating) from this
sís, sisse here
silo, sillo hence, from this/now
sir, sira, sinna hither, to this, to here
sinen by this means, so
sinan for this, because
silca this great, this big
sinima this kind
silume at this time, now
sinome at this place, here
sille in this way, like this
sima this matter
simo this person
síte of this sort
sinóte of this number, this many

ta that (demonstrative pronoun, far)
tá then
tana that (adj.)
tó (originating) from that
tás, tasse there
talo, tallo thence, from there/then
tar, tara, tanna thither, to there, to then
tanen in that way
tanan for that, because
talca that great, that big
tanima that kind
talume at that time, then
tanome at that place, there
talle in that way, like that
tama that matter
tamo that person
taite of that sort
tanóte of that number, that many

ya which, where, that (relative impersonal pronoun)
yan to which
yasse in which place, where
yalle in the same way as, like, as
yallume at which time, at last
yassen in which places, where (pl.)

ye who (relative personal pronoun)
yeo (originating) from whom
yello from whom
yenna to whom
i who (pl.)
ion (originating) from whom (pl.)
illon from whom (pl.)

Tamas Ferencz Oct 17, 2017 (08:56)

Nice list. I am still not entirely at peace with *manóte, not because it's not logical but because it's too logical, if you get my meaning (but then so is *malume so I haven't got much ground to grumble).
But, *manóte would, supposedly, refer to countables (how many?), so what will 'how much' be? (if there was/is a distinction)