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Willow Branham Jun 11, 2015 (00:39)

May you mind giving me a brief lesson on Sindarin grammer? I started studying this language a little while back, and I am slow when it comes to languages. Thank you!

Ekin Gören Jun 11, 2015 (03:13)

I always say:
I lam hen de û-bôl geliannen nam mîn ilaurui... Ach pelilir 'elio ian han geliathar aen. Trî lemmais erui. A thrî vudad în.

"This tongue cannot be learned by normal means... But you can learn how it should be learned. Trough linguistics only. And trough one's own labour."

In my understanding, we're all constantly learning when it comes to Eldarin tongues. As you already know, these languages are made by just one person and are (in short) unfinised. Thus, without the knowledge on every aspect of them, we can't speak it fluently... I'm still unsure about the grammar of my sentences above! (The ones in Sindarin of course.)

You can start your linguistic journey by viewing the "Links to resources" section of this group. Then, we may be able to help you.

Paul Strack Jun 11, 2015 (16:11)

There are a number of good online courses in Sindarin. I recommend you try one of these:

Thorsten Renk’s Pedin Edhellen -

Dreamingfifi’s Your Sindarin Textbook -

Xandarien’s Sindarin Lessons -