James Coish Jun 27, 2018 (02:58)

What would "excommunication" in Quenya be?

Tamas Ferencz Jun 27, 2018 (09:59)

Maybe lanya-¹ v. “to bound, enclose, separate from, mark the limit of” -> *etelanya "separate out, outlaw, excommunicate" -> *etelanyare "excommunication" ? - Eldamo : Quenya : lanya-¹

Tamas Ferencz Jun 27, 2018 (10:02)

Or if you want to go more literal you might look at the root KAN, verb kanya-

Tamas Ferencz Jun 28, 2018 (09:40)

In Hungarian one way to say "excommunicate" is kiátkoz which means "curse out" [i.e. out of the Chuch] which would be sg like *ehtúta- in Quenya.

James Coish Jun 28, 2018 (18:38)

Excommunication has nothing to do with not eating together. heeeheee

Remy Corbin Jun 28, 2018 (19:03)

+James Coish of course, but this entry suggests Tolkien once upon a time thought of community as a group of people having meal together, and that is not totally untrue if we think of communion as a bread and wine sacrament.

Tamas Ferencz Jun 28, 2018 (19:06)

+Remy Corbin actually the word companion means someone eating bread with you