Post NBbHthiCBTm

Александр Запрягаев May 13, 2015 (22:06)

Metalinnod — quantitative! Long live the accentual verse!

Othgoren im i•nadath, linnyd ach alchar uthon.

[I have misdone the things, yet I shall not remake the linnyd.]

ach 'but' (a possible interpretation of VT50, due to +Fiona Jallings)
alchar- 'make nice' (al + car-)

+Tamas Ferencz Melin hain be nar; a pe raeg i•linnyd nín rim, mal melin.

Tamas Ferencz May 14, 2015 (00:14)

Why pick me in particular? :-) just because I like metric poetry... :-D