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Paul Strack Apr 07, 2018 (04:05)

I've released Eldamo v0.6.3.

There are two major changes.

First, I've done some general search improvements. They are still some experimental, but you can now to a “multi-search” using either “,” or “+” in the search field. Searching for “release,free” finds anything matching either “release” or “free”. Searching for “release+free” finds anything that matches both “release” and “free”. These can be combine together and with wildcards. For example, search for “release,free+le*” matches anything with the glosses “release” or “free” that also begins with “le*”.

The other big change is more Neo-Eldarin stuff. I’ve updated the Motivation and Methodology page with more information about my approach to Neo-Eldarin:

I have a lot more to say about, but I’m going to put it into another post.
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Paul Strack Apr 07, 2018 (04:29)

One note: I've notices that the new multi-search is kind of sluggish, and you may need to flush your browser cache on mobile devise (at least, I need to on iOS). It's going to remaining an undocumented feature until I can get it properly optimize. Non-multi search speed does not seem to be effected.

Tamas Ferencz Apr 07, 2018 (10:13)

It does not look that sluggish to me on Android - by the time I finish typing in what I want the result is practically already there

Paul Strack Apr 07, 2018 (14:39)

I definitely notice on both iOS and on my laptop. The “search redraw” logic is in the same processing loop as the keyboard response processing, which makes typing less responsive. If you type multiple characters at once, it takes a bit for the next character to show up because it has to do a search redraw in between each character. It bugs me enough that I may need to patch. I know the right technique to fix it, it’s just a bit fiddly.

Paul Strack Apr 07, 2018 (18:12)

OK, I slipped in a patch for Typing in search now has better performance and is more responsive. I also slipped in an extra search enhancement. For multi-value searches, you can now restrict search subelements to be specifically for words or glosses:


This matches words that contain "hae" whose glosses also contain "far". For now, these enhancements are only on the site, not in the download package.

Lokyt L. Apr 08, 2018 (14:45)

+Paul Strack Marvellous! Nice work (and a good idea too: this is exactly what I missed there...)

BTW, the page suddenly doesn't load more search results when I scroll down in Search. Is this just me (= my machine/software)?

Paul Strack Apr 08, 2018 (15:48)

+Lokyt L. It’s broken for me too. My patch must have messed something up. I will look at it.

Paul Strack Apr 08, 2018 (19:30)

+Lokyt L. OK, I've patched the patch. Infinite-scroll should be working again.

Lokyt L. Apr 08, 2018 (23:02)

It is. Thanks.