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Tamas Ferencz Oct 09, 2018 (09:36)

I'm going to start working on a new version of Aglardh (install a brand new Drupal engine, new look etc) and make it operative before Google pulls the plug here. I hope that many of you will register and continue our discussions over there.
In many ways a CMS-based community website is better than this platform - more formatting options, extendability etc - but I will miss G+ very much nevertheless.
Hello All,. as - judging from the logs - a spam bot attempts to register on the site approximately every five seconds, I have changed the settings - from now on only the site admin (i.e. me) can create user accounts. If you'd like to register please drop me an email to atwe at middangeard dot org dot uk and ...

James Coish Oct 09, 2018 (17:28)

Thank you. Do you know if there will be a way to pull up the discussions here after they do pull the plug?

Tamas Ferencz Oct 09, 2018 (18:27)

+James Coish I don't know. I hope as we are getting closer to the final countdown we will get more information about what happens to our data

Tamas Ferencz Oct 10, 2018 (16:30)

Following many in my circles here, I have also joined - MeWe: The best chat & group app with privacy you trust. and see if it provides a similar experience to this one (but I will still restart Aglardh, in fact I have already started working on it)

Damien Bador Oct 26, 2018 (14:18)

I very much look forward to a new version of Aglardh.

However, I wonder whether a traditional forum wouldn't be more appropriate for the kind of discussions we have here.

Tamas Ferencz Oct 26, 2018 (18:22)

+Damien Bador it will have a traditional forum section

Tamas Ferencz Nov 06, 2018 (12:41)

Well Aglardh is now up and functional (there may be teething problems but hopefully nothing that will prevent people from using it ) - so everyone is welcome to join and start posting.

Damien Bador Nov 06, 2018 (17:57)

Any news on exporting the G+ messages?

Tamas Ferencz Nov 06, 2018 (18:18)

+Damien Bador I have not dome it yet - life keeps intervening! Will keep everyone posted on the progress.