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Tamas Ferencz Sep 12, 2013 (15:18)

In case you have missed the announcement, Elfling has moved from Yahoo Groups to a new location, and will no longer function as a mailing list, but as a forum. According to David Salo Yahoo has changed the environment which makes it impossible to administer and moderate the mailing list effectively.

The new link is below - you'll have to re-register.
Elfling - Index
Elfling - Index

Olga García Sep 13, 2013 (16:13)

Registered! ;)

Tamas Ferencz Sep 18, 2013 (13:59)

I can't help but feel some sadness though, it seems that an era is over now that Elfling as a mailing list is no more.

AJ Nasreddin Sep 18, 2013 (20:47)

Forums can be more dynamic. This could be the beginning of a beautiful discussion...