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Tamas Ferencz May 15, 2013 (11:14)

nin ólar alalvie ambor
líri lo lyé alaquente
ta voro viryala valto
nése ya vanwa ve vangwe
en huiva ná íre eccuivan
caimanya maxa ve quesse
feanya nainanen luita
ar arni caita eresse

Björn Fromén May 16, 2013 (14:56)

Elegant shift between alliteration and assonance.

In Eldarissa valto meant 'good luck' and Valar 'the happy folk'. How do we interpret valto in a late-source context, where Valar  means 'those with power'?

Tamas Ferencz May 16, 2013 (15:14)

Thanks for the kind words:) Yes, it is a (slight) problem that there seems to be no neutral word for 'luck' or 'wyrd' as it were; our examples seem to be either positive tending towards 'bliss' or negative (or at least that is my impression).
Valto in a "modern" context can still mean 'turn of divine power expressed in fate/luck", I think.

Björn Fromén May 19, 2013 (22:50)

Isn't umbar at least a rough equivalent of "wyrd"?

Tamas Ferencz Jun 12, 2013 (09:54)

Rough, yes - but I seem to recall it carries more negative than positive connotations. In my mind at least wyrd is neutral.