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Tamas Ferencz Sep 18, 2013 (15:56)

Two hexameters for Q:

Quélie tópa i nóre, i Quendi se ruine omentar,
Quentali astar i indo, asya i hón miruvor.

Björn Fromén Sep 23, 2013 (16:15)

'Fading' is quelle or (nar)quelie. *Quélie with a long -é- looks more like a perfect, 'has faded', without the usual augment (as vánie for avánie, WJ p.366).

Tamas Ferencz Sep 26, 2013 (09:52)

That is quite true - let's say the anonymous stonesmith who carved the tombstone took a liberty for the sake of the metre!

Björn Fromén Sep 26, 2013 (23:30)

As it happens , quélie could conceivably be the epitaph of an elf who had tarried too long in Middle-earth . But the rest seems too cosy to be intended for a tombstone :-).

Tamas Ferencz Sep 27, 2013 (09:01)

That's because the stonesmith got so comforted by the miruvor that he forgot that this was not the tombstone he had carved but the other one with R!