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Александр Запрягаев Aug 14, 2017 (10:04)

As promised, the slides with the poetic selection to the talk.

I should perhaps post the videos I recorded. Should I?

By the way: after Omentielva Otsea I have three questions.

1. Any news about VT51? Same query j ut PE23 .

2. Was it decided where to hold the next one?

3. (Utmost important!) Will the next one be Omentielva Toltea, Toldea or Tolþea?

Tamas Ferencz Aug 14, 2017 (11:06)

I am sure a lot of the members would love to see the videos, Aleksander. Thanks for the material you've shared!
I can't have a look now because GD is blocked by our company firewall - but will peruse them as soon as I can.

Paul Strack Aug 15, 2017 (02:09)

There may have been some discussions on upcoming VT and PE, but I didn't hear anything myself.

The 2019 conference was very tentatively scheduled for Reykjavik Iceland, but the chairman needed needs to work out before that is firm.

I think it will be Toldea, but I was tired when that was announced so I may have misheard.

Matt Dinse Aug 15, 2017 (22:05)

There were a few asides, and may have been more that I didn't hear. In brief, Carl said VT is "dormant but not dead", as right now his higher priority is finishing his presentation of content intended for PE24. Chris and Arden are also still working on their respective contributions for PE23; the contents match what was rumored here a while back.

Fiona Jallings Aug 16, 2017 (15:26)

Yeah, Arden made a few off-hand comments about more history of the Tengwar material he was working on, but they didn't make any announcements, so they are nowhere near ready for publication.