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Holly Short Mar 24, 2016 (20:24)

Hey, I have an announcement for those of you that use GoodReads. I've made a new group, Quenya Learners, where I'd like to welcome all who are interested in learning High-Elvish or who already have studied it and could help others.

If you know someone else who might be interested, please tell them about the group. I'd be happy to find any enthusiastic language nerds (and Tolkienists) to converse the details of Quenya with.

You can find the group here:

Thank you in advance!

Quenya Learners moderator Tar-Cuilewendë
Quenya Learners Group (1 Member)
This is a group for those who wish to learn the High-Elvish language or who already know some Quenya. Members should be serious about this. Those who con...