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Александр Запрягаев Dec 20, 2015 (19:21)

A sudden exploit between fandoms: originally done for the amazing Russian fan club called Drax, Brax & Strax Corner (where I am one of the admins) when violently provoked than there is not enough Quenya in Whoniverse. (Is there any?)
Here follows a complete adaptation of Vale Decem into Quenya, fitted for the metre and sung multiply to the music. Totally ready to be sung!
I had no goal of following the Latin wording closely (the original text itself — unlike mine — is not exactly grammatical!), but 100% of sense is retained.

Namárië [Farewell]
Quainëanna, [To the Tenth]
Calambar tauva [(Let) fate be light]
Tenn' oialë; [For evermore]
Namárie [Farewell]
Rainecaryan, [To the Peace-maker]
Aistanan, [The Blessed]
Necessëan, [The Nameless]
Namárië, [Farewell]
Cólotya caita, [Lay down the burden]
Sanarilmassen [In our thoughts]
Nai haruvat; [May you remain forever]
Namárië, [Farewell]
Hánatalmet [We are praising you]
Tenn' oialë; [For evermore]
Oio alerinqua, [Never alone]
Oio… [Never]
Á hil' i•estel, [Follow your heart]
Márienna, márienna, márienna, márienna, márienna… [Farewell…]
Doctor Who - Vale Decem (Latin lyrics w/ English translation)
Doctor Who - Vale Decem (Latin lyrics w/ English translation) composed by Murray Gold & performed by Mark Chambers & The BBC National Orchestra Of Wales. *As...

Tamas Ferencz Dec 20, 2015 (21:17)

And lo! Reality crashes down under the collision of two unreality es, and all that remains is tatters

Andre Polykanine Dec 20, 2015 (21:50)

I love such annotated (and talented) works! Hantanyel! And a couple questions, if I may:
Necessëa — Is "nec-" attested as a negative prefix? Because Helge used the suffix "-lóra" in this sense in his New Testament translations, it seems.
Hánatalmet — Could you elaborate please? What is the stem, "hanata"?
Заранее спасибо)

Александр Запрягаев Dec 21, 2015 (10:39)

+Menelion Elensúlë nec (as prefix or suffix) from NEK is the Quenya alternative to S. pen in PE17, unlike lóra in the Etym. This one has a perk of connection to the plot (Neithan) and, in numerals, some association with en-ek(w) for 'six'.
I based imperfect hánata on mánata 'to bless'. The verb is hanta.

Andre Polykanine Dec 21, 2015 (21:56)

Thanks for your replies guys! Interesting then, how would nec- behave if it precedes a consonant that makes impossible clusters (like M, N, or V/W)?

Александр Запрягаев Dec 25, 2015 (10:19)

+Menelion Elensúlë Well, it can also behave as a suffix enka (nekessea <> essenka); however, I'd form km > kw, kn > nk (or ht); and kw is a perfectly allowed combination. Honestly, I'd believe Quenya would attempt to use it as neke before consonants.