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Tamas Ferencz Jun 29, 2014 (18:01)

An emig nín

Derig erui vi morn
ar im - dannon sui gond
Le dewin. Bith Pith dýr.
Ar i ú-iston, havol
vi dath hin chaer:
im le awarthannen
Eru men awarthant bain.

you wait alone in the dark
and like a stone I fall.
I miss you. Words fail-
And what I don't know, sitting
in this pit, remote:
did I abandon you
God abandoned us all.

Björn Fromén Jul 03, 2014 (23:32)

Bith dýr: why the lenition?

Tamas Ferencz Jul 04, 2014 (00:07)

+Björn Fromén because I am a fool, that's why...