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Tamas Ferencz Aug 22, 2013 (10:52)

Here's for the letter N. Long-forgotten lament of an unnamed bard of Númenor. +#letteroftheday

Nwalme onnaron             Núme quanta,
Nárie vista                         i Ñotto hrívenna.
Nique. Noa ta Ñóle          neumanna raine;
Ñúle nortor                       i nóresse ranyar.
A Núme! Milmar!             Néce ninquetildi!
Nimpe nandar                  i néya lostaner!
Man óni naina                  numba umbarelya,
Nyéna tenn' nanwéna     i neuna Núaran?

Björn Fromén Aug 27, 2013 (23:22)

I was wondering about milmar; don't you mean mélamar 'beloved home'?

Tamas Ferencz Aug 28, 2013 (16:55)

Well yes, but *milmar is also plausible (to me at least) and fits better:)

Björn Fromén Aug 29, 2013 (16:49)

OK, but then it must have another etymology than S milbar. How would you derive it? A haplology of < *milme-mar 'desire-dwelling' ?

Tamas Ferencz Aug 29, 2013 (16:57)

I think in my head it was derived from MIL-IK; perhaps a shortening of *milyamar. However, looking into it I accept that sticking to the attested form is a better idea. The root MIL-IK is rather associated with desire, greed etc. as you observed.