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Hjalmar Holm Apr 28, 2015 (23:01)

A modern Q word for laqa-? Should we expect lac-?
Eldamo : Early Quenya : laqa-
ᴱQ. laqa- vb. “catch, seize, snare”. References ✧ QL/051.2201; QL/051.2205. Glosses. “catch, seize, snare” ✧ QL/051.2201. Variations. laqa- ✧ QL/051.2201. Inflections. lanqe/lāqe, past, ✧ QL/051.2205. Derivations. < ᴱ√LAQA “catch” ✧ QL/051.2101.

Björn Fromén Apr 28, 2015 (23:52)

Late-source Quenya has rem- and raita- with similar meaning.

Paul Strack Apr 29, 2015 (01:17)

The later roots RAPH "seize, grab" or GAT "catch" might also be useful for neologisms.

If you want to use laqa-, it might be from a KALTA root like LAKWA, but it this case I agree with Bjorn. There are too many similar terms from later writings to justify using this early Qenya verb.

Hjalmar Holm Apr 29, 2015 (11:07)

I used rem- in the fable. Thanks for the comments!

Александр Запрягаев Apr 29, 2015 (14:11)

+Hjalmar Holm does mapa- fit?

Hjalmar Holm Apr 29, 2015 (22:13)

In this context, I guess rem- is even better. But read the fable-translation and judge for yourself.