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Tamas Ferencz Nov 10, 2016 (15:45)


The Place Where I Live


Háranye pitya ostosse *orrostasse Ingilnóreo la háya ostollo Cambridge. I osto linyenwa: *talmataina haranyer tolto yá; mal atani oiner sisse anda epe ta. Ostonya hame síreo rávasse. Nótime ampanor i ostosse nar linyenwe amna yalle i osto inse.
Orróna Ingilnóre lára. Mo la kime oronti, é la kime ambor sinome. Nótime haranyer yá i quanta yonde né haura nindatalma.
Ostonta la háya earello; Ingilnóresse mo la háya earello ullume. Ingilnóre tolle.
Queni *lillume savir i *wilwis úmara Ingilnóresse. Namin ta la enwa: samilme áreo úme ar la kelya rimbave. Senya ná i hríve milya. Sí lasselanta ná. Ta mára nin; i aldar tárar mi laika, mi malina, mi russa, mi malwa yo varne.

P Arellond Nov 10, 2016 (21:58)

A good beginning. You are an accomplished writer. Andre's questions are very helpful. It would be good to separate a beginning level from out of what you wrote.

For example Andre mentioned Maruvan (i will dwell). Perhaps Mar is the more general word for dwelling or residing somewhere? The other one for a permanent dwelling, should be better left for an intermediate book, as a special word emphasize permanence.

Also probably "eastern' should be better put in an intermediate vocabulary list. And we should first use only east?

Let's keep the beginning goal in mind. A usable, spoken, memorized vocabulary. get to know each other in Quenya.

I'm looking forward to some answers for Andre's questions. I still looking for time to write my own Introduction.

Tamas Ferencz Nov 10, 2016 (23:06)

Then I probably misunderstood your intention a bit. I thought we were going to converse about topics according to our best abilities and thus build a common lexicon of everyday themes. I find it rather difficult to judge what can be considered basic and what intermediate - and why would Eastern be more difficult than East?
But I promise I'll try to be simpler from now on!