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Tamas Ferencz Oct 25, 2017 (09:38)

Just an exercise in hexameters.

“Ranyamo, mallo utúlier aine yo lumbe taletyat?”
“Aistana asto ni tópa, nanakka feanya hroanya.”
“Á hamu sisse ta hauta, kenasta si tultuvan athar?”
“Laquen keuta ni ambe, si naikele nauva vaianya.”

"Pilgrim, whence have your blessed and weary feet arrived?"
"Holy dust covers me, it eats away my soul and my body."
"Sit you down here and rest, shall I perhaps fetch for the doctor?"
"No one will heal me any more, pain will be my cerement now."

James Coish Oct 26, 2017 (02:39)

Not only lovely but has a beautiful feel to the words!

Tamas Ferencz Oct 26, 2017 (07:47)

+James Coish thanks!