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Tamas Ferencz Jan 23, 2014 (10:33)

Sis caitalme - a mentat nossen mí Lacetaimon,
Ranyar, carnelme ilya ya cáne i Nór.

Elegiac couplet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The elegiac couplet is a poetic form used by Greek lyric poets for a variety of themes usually of smaller scale than the epic. Roman poets, particularly Ovid, adopted the same form in Latin many years later. As with the English heroic, each couplet usually makes sense on its own, while forming ...

Björn Fromén Jan 28, 2014 (16:24)

I gather that a menta- translates the Greek angellein ('send message') but can't figure out what the final -t  stands for. Please explain.

Tamas Ferencz Jan 28, 2014 (16:53)

+Björn Fromén
 that would be the 2nd pers. pronominal suffix as in hecat! - I am fully aware it's rather superfluous there, but I needed it badly for the metre!

Björn Fromén Jan 28, 2014 (17:38)

+Tamas Ferencz
I see, thanks.