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Paul Strack Mar 20, 2016 (00:27)

I've release v0.5.1 of my Elvish lexicon Eldamo.

I am embarrassed that I haven't updated the lexicon since last September. I got distracted by some other projects for a while.

The only changes in this release are more data entry from PE22 (up through p. 136) and an analysis of Quenya names from the 1930s-40s: Middle Quenya in the terminology of the lexicon.

I am back to working on the lexicon with my free time now, so updates should be more regular (until the next time I get distracted).
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Eldamo - An Elvish Lexicon. by Paul Strack — v0.5.1 — generated on March 19, 2016 2:16:12 PM PDT. This collection of documents is a lexicon of Tolkien's invented languages, particularly his Elvish languages, which are the most detailed. The collection is called a “lexicon” because it is not a ...

Ekin Gören Mar 20, 2016 (03:06)

I'm glad to hear you're back working on your masterpiece! It still says v0.5.0 (and September 19) for me though.
Edit: I tried another browser and it is indeed v0.5.1 now. Did my Chrome save the whole site or something?

Rick Spell Mar 20, 2016 (19:18)

I am glad to hear that too. It is a great resource! Keep up the good work.