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Evan A Aug 04, 2017 (22:41)

Does anyone have any idea what "Drega", imperative for 'Flee!" might be in Quenya? Is there a root? Any guesses on what Drega might sound like in Quenya? Reha? Reca? Could Heca have some connection? It means "get away, stand aside...

Tamas Ferencz Aug 04, 2017 (23:44)

In Quenya there is ruk- "fly"; although in other source it also meant "dread, feel horror of"

For drega- (the imperative is drego btw) no root is given in the sources, but based on BEREK > bregol we could suppose it's *DEREK , or possibly *NDEREK. The former could yield *lerka-, the latter *nerka- (cf. also EREK > erka-)

Paul Strack Aug 05, 2017 (00:00)

It could also be a d-strengthening of the root REK - Eldamo : Primitive Elvish : REK

See PE18/93-4 for the discussion of d-strengthening, favored in Telerin but abandoned in Quenya.

If so, the original meaning may have been "*save (our, your) self"

Tamas Ferencz Aug 05, 2017 (00:20)

+Paul Strack "get saved" - yes, that's an attractive theory

Evan A Aug 05, 2017 (21:34)

Hanta le, nildor! Looks like Prof T. may have been thinking of a connection when he thought up the two roots. fear -based fleeing toward rescue/salvation.