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Tamas Ferencz Sep 27, 2018 (17:13)

Another well-written blog post by etymologist Anatoly Liberman, this time about the verb lie.
I am only linking it here because the post talks about Jacob Grimm linking the verb to the idea of "veil, conceal", which Tolkien must have known because his words related to lie come from roots meaning "hide, conceal". But Tolkien did not carry through Grimm's idea of linking these with the root for "marriage".
At any rate, the post id worth reading.
The multifaceted art of lying | OUPblog
In 1882, Mark Twain gave a short speech titled “On the Decay of the Art of Lying,” not his best or wittiest. I assume that Oscar Wilde did not miss the published text of that speech, for seven years later, he brought out a kind of treatise in the form of a dialogue with a similar title, namely, “The Decay of Lying—An Observation,” one of his most powerful and brilliant (as always, too brilliant) essays.