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Александр Запрягаев Apr 08, 2016 (19:27)

It is always a headache to navigate in PE17 trying to understand which texts are simultaneous and to which conceptual eras they belong. Here is my undertaking, an attempt to count all the documents given in WPP, with datings wherever possible and other useful comments. Navigational titles given for better maneuvring in the PE17 texts. Please feel free to inform me of any possible errors and correcting my datings!

Here is my attempt to date:

1955 (LR completed): letter to Masson.

Soon after 1955 (LR printed): WP1-WP2-Draft-WPP (this order). Nancy Smith.

Late 1950s (Turinssaga): DD.

Late 1950s (QE preparation): DLN+Sindarin words. QN (07-10.1957). NN (10.1957). D59 (12.1959)+Dwarf(+WEG?). QE draft. VT41.

Apparently, also Flower/snow/beautiful (direct quotations in QE, only slightly edited: see nique.) Maybe also Descriptions of Q.

Early 1960s (still 1st edition): NGS.

1964: Letter to Matthews.

Before and in 1965 (II edition preparation): L. R. Etym. notes.

1965 (Plotz): Draft to Guide to the Names. Selection (RIK)+PMB (RGeO preparation). (+Silvan???).

1965-1966. Q verbs, S pronouns.

1966?: Metre of Namarie (for RGeO).

03.1967: Some Quenya notes.

1968 Hithlain?

Ицхак Пензев May 05, 2016 (13:22)

I think, from the Neo-Quenya viewpoint, they all belong to the same period of external evolution of the lang, namely - the LoTR period.