Post TmpAFJC4ZGh

Patrick Gifford Mar 12, 2015 (08:25)

Tamas Ferencz Mar 12, 2015 (08:52)

Not sure about this being a translation, but it does look nice:)

Fiona Jallings Mar 12, 2015 (20:02)

It is a pretty font. It took me a while to read it, because I kept wanting to read it as Tengwar, not the Latin alphabet.

Patrick Gifford Mar 13, 2015 (09:11)

Figured I'd, if nothing else, get input on it's veracity. It is pretty though I agree.

Tamas Ferencz Mar 13, 2015 (09:54)

+Patrick Gifford
veracity in what respect?

Patrick Gifford Mar 19, 2015 (03:48)

Form, font, usage. Any input appreciated. I vaguely remember another version of the poem I viewed somewhere, obviously handwritten calligraphy then photographed and reproduced for posters, wall size. However I think it was a much longer piece, perhaps the entire original poem. I was curious if anyone else had seen these posters, had information on them and the origin/artist published work where it might be found etc. I know. Alot. Sigh. Memory is not what it once was.

Tamas Ferencz Apr 09, 2015 (09:46)

+Patrick Gifford
there is no font involved; it's all handwritten. The mishmash alphabet of medieval uncial and pseudo-tengwar looking characters with which Aragorn's various names are written is probably the artist's own invention, at least I have not seen anything like that before; anyway, for all its fanciness it's still just the plain old Latin alphabet!