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Legend of Norn Mar 22, 2017 (21:13)

Linguistic wise id like some more info of calambar (like who used to words to who...elf told that to a man or so?) and silef (sounds to me like silverish synonymous to glor- used in gloredhel and glorfindel) words.

Paul Strack Mar 22, 2017 (23:53)

Regarding calambar, Tolkien himself used the word in a note of congratulations upon the birth of a child of a friend.

Legend of Norn Mar 23, 2017 (22:09)

ok about the silef as mentioned i kinda see it as a word which rather refers to some idk silver coloured shimmewring,gliterring or hows the word...pretty much like glor- in glorfindels name

Paul Strack Mar 24, 2017 (04:35)

I totally agree with you on silef. The root forms SIL/THIL and (G)LAWAR are silver/white and golden light respectively as indicated by the names of the two trees of Valinor, Laurelin and Silpion.

Legend of Norn Mar 24, 2017 (15:35)

will correct you here,second tree is known as Telperion the tree more favoured by the elves living in valinor by of the two. :)

Paul Strack Mar 24, 2017 (16:03)

The two trees have several names. Silpion is another name for Telperion. - Eldamo : Quenya : Silpion

Legend of Norn Mar 24, 2017 (16:15)

ik i just simply like the telperion name of its :) why i was asking of the silef is that i have naming ideas for my upcoming new character in the lord of the rings online in case they will be told having sindarin names,for case of quenya name i (hoping for making it grammar wise correct) made the name Annatan (simply it reflects my acting since the begining of playing that mmo :) )