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Hjalmar Holm Feb 03, 2016 (11:16)

For S, from KWER, perna- transitive "to turn", to be used in a wider sense (e.g. to turn a Wheel, to turn one's coat, the Sun turns the trolls into stone, to turn English into Elvish). I looked at the Q Word quer- and I would have liked to also make an intrasitive verb, but as Ekin pointed out, a simple per- would be homonymous with that for "to halve". Alternatively, perna- could be both transitive and intransitive.
Eldamo : Quenya : quer-
Q. quer- v. “to turn”. References ✧ VT49/20.1601; VT49/20.3612; VT49/20.3703; VT49/21.1413. Related. ᴹQ. pel- “go round, revolve, return” may in the senses “revolve, return” be replaced by quer- “to turn”. Changes. quernesse >> quernes ✧ VT49/20.3703. Inflections ...