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Paul Strack Jul 02, 2017 (04:34)

I've done a "data cleanup" release of Eldamo (v0.5.6.1?). This "release" is targeted exclusively at programmers. I didn't do the work to update the website, since the changes in the site content would be trivial. The updated data model is available only via github:

It's come to my attention that several people, in particular +Lúthien Merilin and +Severin Zahler are deeply engaged in working with the data model right now, and at least Lúthien is prepping for a presentation at Omentielva. I wanted to give him the cleanest data set possible before the August meeting.

I updated the XSD schema for Eldamo to be more strict, and as a result uncovered some errors and removed some junk data. Nothing was added to the schema: there were only removals and corrections.

In particular, I made a stronger distinction between "word-links" (links between words) and "ref-links" (links between references). The XSD now has distinct data types for the two, which let me do better validations. I also modified the data model publishing logic to ensure that every word link has both an @l and @v attribute in all cases, something that wasn't true before.

The updated schema is here:

The commit delta is here:

Lúthien Merilin Jul 02, 2017 (11:30)

Thanks a lot +Paul Strack

PS - just for the record, I'm not a guy ;)

Paul Strack Jul 02, 2017 (16:05)

Oops, my apologies +Lúthien Merilin. Your gender hasn't come up before, and I apologize for making assumptions. Honestly I should have guessed better from your name, so it's doubly embarrassing :)

Lúthien Merilin Jul 02, 2017 (17:51)

No embarrassment necessary! :)

Lúthien Merilin Jul 12, 2017 (14:51)

Hi +Paul Strack & +Roman Rausch, I updated the database to this cleanup version: - aduial/eldamo-relationaldb