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ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Oct 03, 2014 (14:20)

Really no word for "beer, ale" in any Eldarin language?

Did yulda ever authentically include the meaning "beer" like purported here: ? (Not confirmed by the QL indices available to me.)

Tamas Ferencz Oct 03, 2014 (15:52)

I am unable to find evidence that yulda ever meant 'beer'.
Nor can I find any words in the QL or GL meaning beer, ale, brew, yeast, or ferment.
A sad oversight, Professor!

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Oct 03, 2014 (19:42)

There isn't a word for "barley" or "wheat" either. Seems a kenning-style metaphorical compound might be the only option for someone short of this translation.

Tamas Ferencz Oct 03, 2014 (22:42)

We do have wheat in Goldogrin,bloss - there is also rye, lhosc, lhosg (Q *lusco?) ; but I don't see how is that going to help us

Roman Rausch Oct 09, 2014 (21:55)

At least there a word for 'drunk(en)': balfaug (PE13:138), literally 'evil-thirsty'. I was thinking of adding it to the vinya-list in the updated form *ulfaug..

Tamas Ferencz Oct 10, 2014 (12:20)

Interesting semantics...

Hjalmar Holm Oct 14, 2014 (00:44)

There is iau 'corn', which east of the Atlantic often means barley, less often wheat. Wonderful group by the way. I've followed it for some time, but rarely have the impression I have something to add.

Tamas Ferencz Oct 14, 2014 (08:25)

+Hjalmar Holm welcome to the community - there is always something to add!