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Fiona Jallings Dec 24, 2012 (20:55)

(a riddle for you) Ae mellonath! Sîr, evennin aew veleg a thûg od Amériga. Ir evennin i aew, ni lom a phant! Sí ídhron postad. Man i aew?

Fiona Jallings Dec 24, 2012 (23:58)

"Hail friends! Today, I ate a big and fat bird from America. When I ate the bird, I was tired and full! Now I want to sleep. What is the bird?"

Sherlock REDACTED Dec 25, 2012 (09:03)


Fiona Jallings Dec 25, 2012 (09:08)


Lúthien Merilin Dec 26, 2012 (11:05)

:) this is a fun thing to do, and it helps in learning as well!