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Hjalmar Holm Jan 26, 2016 (14:01)

Considring the map that +Matt Dinse linked to in a post some weeks ago, should my entry in the VQP for "wine" be rendered, and in that case, how? If Mildor was "Wineland", is the "wine"-part simply mil, or is it altered in some way? And if not, it is suspiciously similar to mîl, "love, affection".

Lőrinczi Gábor Jan 26, 2016 (14:28)

It shouldn't be a problem considering that the S corpus is full of homonyms.

And anyway, don't you have love for wine? :)

Hjalmar Holm Jan 27, 2016 (11:45)

+Lőrinczi Gábor Well, I have, but it sounds a bit too obvious...

Daniele Ercoli Jan 31, 2016 (12:42)

Who said that Mildor means Wineland?

Björn Fromén Jan 31, 2016 (23:45)

+Daniele Ercoli  Tolkien wrote "MILDOR [wine-land]" on the map, then deleted it. Seems to me a rather shaky ground to build a reconstruction on.

Hjalmar Holm Feb 02, 2016 (14:36)

Well, we now have two rather shaky reconstructions to choose from...