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Young P Mar 16, 2018 (06:30)

How to pronounce 'mh' in
ar e aníra ennas suilannad mhellyn în phain?
Is it a kind of soft mutation?

I think I heard textbooks were being written some months ago.
I wonder if there's any update.

Thank you :D

Paul Strack Mar 16, 2018 (07:03)

In archaic words, an mh often represents a transitional sound between unmutated m and fully mutated v, and is pronounced as a nasalized [v]. In examples like the above, however, it is simply an alternate way of representing a mutated m, and hence is pronounced as an ordinary [v].

Fiona Jalling’s book is the most recent Sindarin textbook and is quite good. You can get it here:

Young P Mar 16, 2018 (07:40)

+Paul Strack Thanks for clearing up my question. I meant Quenya textbooks but that Sindarin book seems interesting!