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Tamas Ferencz Dec 26, 2016 (10:37)

Ilye maitarín, lindimaitarín, kallonyar vínelmaron, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Lemmy, nete, nete, nete, nete, nete, ar ilye "senye" atanín i firner sina aika, rúkima loasse: á sere rainesse.

Robert Reynolds Dec 29, 2016 (14:03)

Ar sí ente carri *cardamaitari atta i melde nar enyalienyassen ar nauvar oiale: nai seruvaste rainesse Carrie Fisher ar Debbie Reynolds! Hantan i sostala loa sina úva mettaryan.

Tamas Ferencz Dec 29, 2016 (16:24)


Robert Reynolds Dec 29, 2016 (16:47)

+Tamas Ferencz preliminary attempt of "actors" based on Middle English? etymology of actor << "doer". I changed it even before your comment to *cardamaitari "deed artist". Other ideas quite welcome. :)

Tamas Ferencz Dec 29, 2016 (17:05)

+Robert Reynolds oh I see. If 'actor, doer' is what you are after then there is an attested word for that, tyaro.
BTW the noun remains singular before atta.

Tamas Ferencz Dec 29, 2016 (17:14)

One should be cautious with Early Qenya material, but the verb sesta- “to liken, compare, make like, model on, assimilate, imitate” looks like one that could possibly be adopted into NeoQuenya, and could be the basis of a noun like *sestar "imitator, mime, actor". Or, if we say that in the later incarnation of the language the concept of similarity/likeness is based on the preposition ve (cf. véla, vea) hypothetically a verb could be formed from it (*véya-?) cf. other verbs based on prepositions like unta., núta, anya etc.). Bt this is just speculation.

Robert Reynolds Dec 29, 2016 (17:34)

+Tamas Ferencz These are all interesting ideas and helpful tips. This feels like a good example of Quenya Chat about non-Tolkien (*alatolkienya? lol) topics revealing good questions about NeoQuenya as a general purpose language.

Tamas Ferencz Dec 29, 2016 (17:36)