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Harri Perälä Apr 08, 2015 (19:03)

Hi all,

Do you think torog 'troll' (Appendix F(I), PE17:136) is related to turko (< TURUK) in Lúnaturco, a Quenya name for Barad-dûr (PE17:22)? Tolkien says that the Q equivalent of S barad was taras or tarminas, but if turko nevertheless means something like 'tower', perhaps torog could be a 'towering, tall creature'? Or, if TURUK refers to 'power' (see below), maybe torog is a 'powerful/strong creature'?

Earlier work I know about:

1) Based on the examples given by Bertrand Bellet (Arda Philology 1, p. 87), *turukV (where V is a non-high vowel) could become either torog or turug

2) Several people have suggested *torco as a possible Quenya equivalent of torog (TolkLang 20.01, Elfling 961, 970).

3) In 2000 Fredrik Ström wrote that Turka- 'strong, powerful (in body)' in Turkafinwë (XII:352) "may be from *turukaa (cf. S. torog) < TURU" (TolkLang 37.71).

4) In a 2001 version of Hiswelókë's Sindarin dictionary (Lexicon 0.95), the etymological reconstruction (by David Salo) for torog is "OS *turuka (TUR-UK)".

5) Paul Strack analyzes TURUK as an extension of TUR 'power, mastery, ...' and turco as *'stronghold'

Tamas Ferencz Apr 08, 2015 (20:18)

It certainly looks plausible to me

Paul Strack Apr 09, 2015 (07:52)

I have never seen anyone connect S torog and the root TURUK before. Very nice!