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James Coish Aug 05, 2018 (03:39)

Lánye quete, mal samin ñolme.
Lánye alda, mal samin lassi.
Ar lánye fenda hya henet, mal samin *pellime.
Ma Man nán?

Paul Strack Aug 05, 2018 (04:03)

Very nice, but I would use sam- or harya- for “to have” rather than the already heavily overloaded auta-. Or at least use its variant form oa-.

And you might want to put a * by the neologism pellime with an explanation for those who haven’t seen +Tamas Ferencz’s response to you other post.

Nevertheless, I had no difficulty reading your riddle. I will defer answering to give others a chance at it.

James Coish Aug 05, 2018 (04:28)

+Paul Strack Thank you for your help. I'm sloppy about asterisks. I agree with your suggestions against auta. I assumed it to be the present form of oa-. I'll leave it as is so others can have the same chance you did. ☺

Tamas Ferencz Aug 05, 2018 (09:36)

I suppose hye is a typo for hya.

Tamas Ferencz Aug 05, 2018 (09:41)

I use lá quetin instead of lánye quete but that's just dialectal variation.

James Coish Aug 06, 2018 (02:22)

+Tamas Ferencz I agree, huzzah for dialectical variations!

James Coish Aug 06, 2018 (15:15)

I hanquenta: parma