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Александр Запрягаев Jul 06, 2015 (13:10)

Two pieces of very tricky derivations.
• 'Bone' n.: adha < adhγ < asg < AS-AG-(ō); cf. Q. axo, EN asg. Pl. aidha (for aidhγ), cl. pl. adhath (γ elides prevocalically, cf. guruthos for *guruth-γoss).
• 'Corpse' n.: duig < duiko < doiko < DOY-(kō); cf. Q. loico in comp. loico-lícuma. Pl. duig, cl. pl. duigath.

Jenna Carpenter Jul 06, 2015 (14:26)

raises hand what's wrong with the attested Daen = Corpse from the Etymologies?

Александр Запрягаев Jul 06, 2015 (21:31)

+Jenna Carpenter The connection to the stem DAK 'to slay'. I need a corpse not from war causes. And also I prefer late materials over the Etymological when we have attestations. We have it in Markirya, so I feel a need to experiment. And don't forget the poetry, where I need synonyms fitting the metre!