Tamas Ferencz Mar 24, 2014 (16:28)

Sui gaear tuiol nu alagos vorn
gala dîn.
Diliant lû.
Dôl în dhannen na besseg in endrainn
oltha Ilador Iladar.
Bo hûn e-hên, blabel, 'ruithannen,
hâf manadh.
Rista 'lendegyl im cuil a gûr
tortha gorgor.

Björn Fromén Mar 25, 2014 (15:23)

Since Goldogrin ador 'father' was succeeded by Sindarin adar , shouldn't Ilador be Sindarized as Iladar?  

Tamas Ferencz Mar 25, 2014 (16:00)

Perhaps... Ilador is attested, and has a nice ring to it.

Björn Fromén Mar 26, 2014 (10:50)

Attested as the Goldogrin counterpart of Ilúvatar, yes; but in Sindarin *ilador could hardly mean 'all-father'. (Maybe 'all-king', but the - a - would then be inexplicable.)

Tamas Ferencz Mar 28, 2014 (09:08)

+Björn Fromén
 lávan lyen:)