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Hjalmar Holm Jun 25, 2015 (11:26)

I think of adding my reconstruction *ŷ from MQ io, "wine". from MQ io, "wine" to the VQP. I feel a bit insecure about it since the only place I've seen io is in Aleksandrs comment on one of my translations. The attempt to sindarinize MQ io would yield *ŷ if the common eldarin root was *√IU/JU. That, however, I don't know. 

Matt Dinse Jun 26, 2015 (04:25)

The derivation of io is unknown. The editors (Gilson, Wynne) note that "[The original word for 'wine' was úle, struck out when úle was assigned the meaning 'butter' (see below) and replaced here by eo, which in turn was emended to io. Cf. QL ulme 'a kind of wine'.]" (PE16:141)

Александр Запрягаев Jun 26, 2015 (20:40)

+Matt Dinse The editors of the 'Word-Lists' were Wynne and Gilson alone, as the contents table shows. Curiously, there are two word for 'butter' in the 'Food' list, mingwe and úle, separated only by nine glosses and seemingly written together. A replacement (though he normally crosses old ones out) or a Tolkien's error? These lists are an enjoyable read.

Matt Dinse Jun 26, 2015 (22:50)

Eep, I'll fix that. I had looked at the end of Acknowledgements instead of the actual Table of Contents.