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Rubén Rodríguez Feb 24, 2015 (00:29)


How would you say "May God bless you and keep you' in Q.?

Would "Cé Eru laitatye ar rethatye" be correct?

Rubén Rodríguez Feb 24, 2015 (00:40)

And also in the same line... how would you say "Long Live Christ the King"? for that sentence I know only the words for life (cuilë), Christ (Hristo) and King (Aran)... but can't find a word for "long"

Paul Strack Feb 24, 2015 (04:04)

Tolkien actually translated "[May] God bless you" into Quenya, as nai Eru tye mánata (PE17:75). For "keep", I would use "protect", which I think is closer to intent of the phrase, so:

nai Eru tye mánata ar varya

As for "Long Live Christ the King", I would model it after the praises on the field of Cormallen: andavë laituvalmet = “long will we praise them” (LotR:953, Let:448), using andavë "long (adverb)", as opposed to anda "long (adjective)". Thus:

nai Hristo i Aran andavë coinuva

Here *coina- is a hypothetical Quenya cognate of S. cuina- "to be alive", using [oi] instead of [ui] based on Q. coivië "life" (VT49:41, PE17:68) vs. S. cuil "life". It seems Tolkien vacillated on KOY vs. KUY as the root form for "life", so this could just as easily be Q. cuina-.

Rubén Rodríguez Feb 24, 2015 (04:23)

Thank you very much +Paul Strack ! I think I'll stick to that :)