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Fiona Jallings May 22, 2016 (21:07)

The LotRO Neo-Sindarin Plugin is finally complete and available for download! Details are in the link below.

Tamas Ferencz May 23, 2016 (00:06)

I don't play, but I think it is great. If it brings only ones true enthusiast into the "folds" it was worth it

Rick Spell May 24, 2016 (03:20)

I don't play either, but I am glad you have done this, and i agree with +Tamas Ferencz  and hope that many will catch the desire to learn more.

Fiona Jallings May 24, 2016 (10:57)

I don't play the game either, but I know people who do. Some are students of mine. This was actually the Dwarrow Scholar's idea, since he helped make a Dwarvish plugin first. I agree, it's a really good idea!