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Josua Del Socorro Oct 22, 2016 (06:25)

Hello It's been a while, please check my post, I need your opinions or else support hehehe, thanks...
Is Elvish a real language?
Take a look at “Esperanto” an invented language, as of now it is a useful language, how about Elvish also know as Quenya and Sindarin, Deepening and critical thinking towards these lang…

Paul Strack Oct 22, 2016 (07:10)

It's an interesting philosophical question. I certainly think Professor Tolkien made an effort to simulate real languages when he invented the Elvish languages. However, I would be hard pressed to consider something a real language without a community of speakers, something Quenya and Sindarin lack compared to, say, Esperanto. It's only possible to communicate in Elvish if you are very selective in your topic. As much as I love Elvish, I wouldn't consider it to be "real" in the normal sense of the world.

Josua Del Socorro Oct 22, 2016 (08:17)

yes of course, a language should have a community speakers, maybe you should comment this in the page, that could help our page, more vital, thank you sir Paul